Nowy wiersz

Zapraszamy naszych czytelników do lektury pięknego wiersza Decayentivusa pt. „to You”.

To You

If I ever told you about suicide
Please, make my thoughts blue not black
Whip me off from lornness hands
Before deadly gale blows me down
When hopefulness swims in grave
Even stranger’s mouth can ease this plight

Clouds of desolation are above
The miasma of dejection is near
Please, tell me where I can find someone?
I dreamt about walking down from a mountain of contempt
Now I feel like I walk on thin rime
Memories can open the floodgates – damned power of recall
But aloneness hurts more
Only those who held loneliness hand know

Relief lies in magnificent words, not whispers
Death? Who said I want to be gone?
Human creatures can’t listen and think
I want to see loneliness head on scaffold
When you realise what’s needed