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Językoznawstwo kognitywne w roku 2023: Stosowane językoznawstwo kognitywne: Myślenie i działanie. – Krosno, 13-15 września 2023

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Across Borders: International Conferences on Culture, Language and Literature

Across Borders XDifficult Neighbourhoods: The Semiotics of Conflict in Culture, Literature and Language, 23-25 September 2024, Krosno

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Across Borders IX: Freedom of Expression: Communication, Identity and Culture, 16-19 May 2022, Greenville, NC, USA

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Across Borders VIII: Cultural and Linguistic Shifts in the 21st Century – Krosno, 3-4 June 2019

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Across Borders VII: Cultures in Dialogue – Tartu, Estonia, 27-29 April 2017

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Across Borders VI: The West Looks East, 27-28 April 2015, Krosno

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Book of Abstracts,

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Across Borders V, 12-14 October 2012, Sarospatok Conference Programme

Across Borders IV, 16-17 April 2010, Krosno Conference Programme

Across Borders III, 28-29 April 2008, Kosice Book of Abstracts

Across Borders II, 21-23 April 2006, Krosno Conference Programme

Across Borders I, 2004, Krosno

International Communication Styles Conferences

Fifth International Communication Styles Conference: Communication in Times of Permacrisis – Kraków, 24-25 April 2023

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Plenary speakers

Fourth International Communication Styles Conference : Radical Thought – Radical Language – Radical Communication Style Krosno, 12-13 November 2019

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Lecture by Helga Kotthoff

Lecture by Colin Swatridge

Lecture by Giselinde Kuipers

Third International Communication Styles  Conference – Krosno, 22-24 October 2017

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Plenary lecture by Milton Bennett

Second International Conference on Communication Styles, 12-14 October 2015

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Book of Abstracts

Plenary speakers:

Elżbieta Tabakowska  (Lecture: Part 1Part 2)

Charles Forceville

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First International Conference on Communication Styles, Krosno 14-16 October 2013 

Conference programmeBook of abstracts, 

Geert Hofstede’s lecture on 14 October 2013 in Krosno

Geert Hofstede’s slides for the 2013 lecture

Michael Minkov’s lecture on 15 October 2013 in Krosno

Final discussion (V. Tsakona & D. Brzozowska)

Creativity and Tradition in Polish and Estonian Cultural Communication, 28-29 October 2011, Krosno – Website of the Polish-Estonian project: Creativity and Tradition