From the chamber of torment crawled echoes
Out from the blue when the last rays of the sun…
Vanished! Leaving me alone with my shadow
I closed my wearied eyes, then I felt the smoke.
Once a wonderful memory of many moons ago
Now, it is sorrowful bitterness inside.

I remember pleasant weather in April;
Everyone smelt the reborn of nature then,
White layer finally disappeared, and we
Were bewitched by the cloudless blueness above our heads.
Me and my friend, we were not just the two of us…
There were others too, surrounded by thick smoke…

Smoke bound us, smoke assisted us, every time…
I ran away from him but you not, so sad.
I wondered why you ignored me, very often
Sadness and confusion flowed out of me
Smoke is not to blame, I have lost my value
But others have become more attractive

There will never be smoke again my dear friend.
Get lost.