Nowy wiersz Pagru


Hidden morbidity, crushed for years
Laugh – reward for presence
Fantastic visions then, their marvellous tune
Gift and damnation from celestial Stars
Sigil of Pisces, extinction of amour proper
Greyness and disappointment when you quit dreaming
Nightfall, only anger is my comrade
Alone in futility with ridiculous question –

Holy Darkness and my Freezing Moon
Beauteousness and mirthfulness
Your sight is like opium
Every dawn reminds
About curse of freedom here
Phantoms of gloomy past
Haunting bleak chambers of mind
Tears on cheeks, pitifulness
Carelessness and happiness are laughing to face

Only in Murk I see my Might
Dreadful friendships inhumed
Blood relations become hollowness
Vanity over vanity for foes
Not worthy death
Contempt, Laugh, Suffering
Triad of forgiveness – Misericord of Mercifulness

Fallen Spirit arise
Glory from inner abyss released

Gidim Xul awaken!

~ Pagru


Negletu – awake
Gidim Xul – Evil Spirit