Nowy wiersz

W Nowym Roku życzymy naszym czytelnikom dużo zdrowia, uśmiechu oraz wielu okazji do obcowania z piękną poezją. Wszystkim zabieganym, którzy mają ochotę choć na chwilę oderwać się od codzienności, polecamy najnowszy wiersz Decayentivusa pt.”The Sullen During Plenilune: Listening to the Freezing Moon”.

(Gloomy mood during full moon)

Myriads of sensations pierce through my mind
As always, when I’m lonely at nights
I pour out mad whirlwinds of emotions
Usually, to ablaze with gruesome despair
And shake in fathomless resentment.
This is my instrument undo desired catharsis;
Purifying anger which wash
The burden of the gloomy days away.
Unfortunately, it is so ephemeral!
But I didn’t recall the horrible events
Which my eyes saw that night.
I saw formidable white orb
On celestial sphere at the dead of night
And its hypnotizing light.
I immediately drowned in the dark melody,
In the hymn of the northern land.

I felt coldness on my shoulder
As soon as I heard the familiar voice,
The voice of fallen brother
Tormented by his dreadful past.
Dark but not evil voice,
I would say fulfilled with suffering,
Fulfilled with sheer madness.
Then, the frightening and mesmerising shapes,
The damned colours floating around.
I was enfolded by shudders
When the third stanza started.
Yes, it always catches me, every time
I even do not know how to express
What I feel when he sings, pure magic.
The beautiful sequence before last lines,
I felt charmed by this winsome riff.
Finally the last part, after all I just say
Goodbye in my thoughts, what a shame.

I felt like I rose from the ashes, strange
Because I’ve never feel like that before.
Sometimes I look at the moon
And I immediately see his face.
I see face covered in black and white
With opened mouth widely,
I would like to know, what’s in
Your mind while You’re reading my confession.
I’m not clouded by melancholy this time.
For the first time, I want to be honest
Because my blood didn’t boil
By the weight of recollections.
I stand cool and light-headed,
How much time I pointlessly intoxicated myself,
The question hammers heavier inside,
Why I’m in the habit of reminiscing
The dreadful and yore times?
The hatred is like opium, so enslaving
When it comes to think back,
That I’m so vulnerable to defend.

Screams, tears, pain and sorrow –
The ghoul of reminisce is calling
Vicious circle caught me again
But thanks to the Freezing Moon,
I forgot for a while and I get rest.
Now, I’ll drown in horrible memories
Once Again.