Nowe wiersze na nowy rok akademicki


Chaos from the depths of my mind,
This is the mark till the very end.
Faded are the rays of foolishness
Finally, I guess I grow up
To let the gloomy days gone…
But I know I can’t.
This all is only an utopian thought.
The nest of decay spreads it’s damnation.
I’m too weak and vulnerable
To prevent myself from self-profanity.
Violet flames of purification unachievable
Till I still breathing.

Marquess of Hell… Amon…
The harshest and the most powerful
Am I worthy enough to ask You?
What the future will bring to useless flesh?
The least shadow of memory hits too strong.
I wish I had consigned dreadful memories
To the eternal flames of oblivion.
Will You make my dream true
And tell me the secret of the future?
Uncertainty fuels my frustration,
I’m spellbound by hatred.



It was an April day, springtime
A time of renewal – everything was green
It was the last time I saw spring’s beauty
Since then, it’s foreshadowing
Of horrible warm and sun’s abuse
Foreshadowing of Your death
Three springs ago I found You
True Black Emperor who saw another world
And it’s rotting colours
So seductive and tempting
That You’d been glorying death
Which led you to her arms
Before my departure to the netherworld
Before seeing the eternal blackness
I want to make obeisance on Your grave