Majowe wiersze Pagru

While downpour…

Strain of old sights like a blade through my arms
invisible wounds but real tears
I’m not calling for sadness
it comes by itself
Moonlight at night reminds me about Death
My desire of happiness only She can fulfil

Non tempusvulneresanat

Purple so beauteous and lusty
but how far from my eyes
What a shame I’m exhausted of mournful life
I’m wandering through darkrose path
since I betrayed a bane of illusion
Only hatred can brisk my dark heart now



‘Jag ärinteenmänniska. Det härär bara endröm, ochsnartvaknar jag.’
‘I am not a human being. This is just a dream, and soon I will wake’

~ Per Ohlin


The Moony lucidness bewitched Your eyes
That was the beginning of Your demise
You saw the Death himself
Then You mulishly sought it to fulfil yourself
Mournful spring dawn and seriousness in my heart
Everytime! When I’m thinking about your depart
There wasn’t and won’t be chance to say hi and bye
You’d chosen the path to die
Blood, Body, Brain what an unforgettable sight
whenever I recall I see the end of YourMight
Among my woe I found You
Your power can be knew by only few
Voice full of harmony said ‘Live on’
Even if you leave this world you didn’t gone


Supposed to see dawn of descent earlier
But thought by vision like many
Sensibleness only in sorrow then and even now
Because The Sooth is always there
Disheartenment and falling tears
Sheer malice barefacedly unto person
Idleness derive from a dread
Everything inside was literally dead


Since assuagement and revelation came
Greyness and miserableness gone
Now gold in heart and mind
Which run the afflatus through rotting hands
Old screams and sights will forever stay
Scourge till last breath, fine
In the meatbag crawling maggots
I’m decaying while breathing
But You accompanying me
I’ve entered into the depths of rebirth

Remember Dead
May You find Your path to The Freezing Moon

~ Pagru