Ex Tenebris Lux

Nasz Zakładowy poeta, student-anglista posługujący się pseudonimem Pagru napisał kolejny wiersz.


I remember
Every letter scorched in my mind
Every sound of words
A symphony of deep wounds
Screaming memories, bloody lamentation
Beautiful, Merciful and Unjust
was it all foreshadowing?
before our final encounter?

Coldness pierce me from within
when I’m recalling…
Night. The Crescent above.
I despise the Sun, ally of the Sower
Joy emanate in the air
The left ear caught the voices of mooncalfs
I’m moving forward, I know who it is
Friendship. Presence. Belonging.
so human, so illusory…
Why the Truth always come through left side?

I’m going through Satya under the cover of blackness
Sashaying through fateful vision of eyes
trying to understand the art of decay
Walking under The Samael’s Wings
I’m waiting for Eleven Ravens on the sky
My Bodement of Magnus Opum

There was nothing before birth
only Eternal Black Abyss
You accompanied me when I born
You are faithful to me in this subjective myth
Uhtceare disappears when You are found
because I know where expire will lead me


~ Pagru