Wiersz „Awil Etutu”

It is with great pleasure that we present to you a poem by one of the students of the Department of English who hides under the pen name “Pagru”. Sports, music and Sumerian culture occupy an important place in his life, but his true passion is poetry. He carefully observes the world, listens to his own emotions and writes ….

Awil Etutu

(Son of Darkness)

At the highland of gehenna
standing under banner of fear
where lips of delusion touching yours
Cold wind whispers ancient words

Steady shortage of life Purple
because of layer of envy on heart.
Trapped in scheol – a guess in mind
The real purgatory? -another one
There is nothing else to do
but to burn rejection in black candle
and sign it by own blood
If the last spark of hope lose

Arms of The Star showed values
Excellence, being open-minded
Truth, true and deep sight
Freedom, which the Curse of dependency will wash away
Happiness, a key for heart
Wisdom, the purest knowledge

Drowned in mist, forgotten by everyone
False altruism unto salvation gone
Death is painless and always was
There is nothing to be frightened anymore
Guided by dark with Holy Star on back
Wind is whispering again

                                                                                                                      ~ Pagru


Sumerian dictionary:

Summu nura – deprived of light
Nuru Mudutu Ina Awil Etutu– Light of wisdom in son of darkness
Sada emedu – reach the mountains