Visit of Dr Linda Kean in Krosno

On May 9, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Linda Kean, Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication at East Carolina University, who gave an interesting lecture entitled “Gender, Health, Media and Meaning” (here is an extract from the lecture:
She made the audience aware of how skillfully and effectively the media shapes the tastes, opinions, lifestyle, and, most importantly, the eating and health habits of the recipients. She referred to her many years of research on traditional and modern media, and the direct and subliminal messages they convey.
The Auditorium was full – the lecture was attended by students of English Philology, Dual Studies for Translators, Nursing and Internet Marketing.
In addition, our guest presented third-year students of the Department of English specializing in teaching with diplomas for participation in the Global Education project.
After the lecture, a student of English Philology, member of the Speak Up English Studies Club, Tomek Wcisło, conducted a short interview with Dr. Linda Kean, which you can watch here:

Here are some photos from the meeting taken by Jacek Wnuk: