The 14th Global Partners in Education conference on 17-19 May – update

Dear Students and Teachers of the Carpathian State College in Krosno,

The 14th Global Partners in Education conference is taking place Monday-Wednesday next week (17-19 May). The Carpathian State College in Krosno is an official partner in the organization, thus all students and teachers are invited to take part, especially in Session 1 (Collaborating Across Cultures)  on Tuesday 1 pm Polish time, and in the Paper presentations on Monday 4 pm and Wednesday 2:15 Polish time.

You can find details of the program here:

Day 1 | May 17

Here are some specifics of the events and its target audience.

Day 1

  1. Opening and State of GPE—Anyone interested in GPE as an organization, including learning about assessment. Likely faculty, staff, and Admin.
  2. Looking Forward: Identifying Successes and Challenges – Best for Faculty, Staff, Students and Admin who have experience in the program or will be working in the program in the future.
  3. Paper Presentations: Anyone – you can see the paper topics on the on-line program.

Day 2

  1. Collaborating Across Cultures – This really will be great for anyone. It is a highly engaging workshop that people at all levels (faculty, staff, students, and admins) can benefit from it.
  2. Looking forward Reimagining Solutions—Again Best for Faculty, Staff, students and admins who are directly involved or have experience with GU/BEEHIVE courses.
  3. BEEHIVE workgroups – Global Environment will basically be an introduction to the course for people potentially interested in adopting it. Global Education and Global Business—I’ll be sending an e-mail to those who are currently involved in those courses specifically recommending they join. We’re hoping this will be an opportunity to see how it is working and what can be changed to improve it…So again, those directly involved, but potentially including students who would like to give their feedback as well.

Day 3

  1. Breakout rooms: For the Pedagogy and Technology, I think likely people involved or your tech professionals. For the Research…anyone interested in doing research on virtual exchange whether or not they have been involved would be welcome to join.
  2. Paper Presentations: Anyone.
  3. GPE Awards and a look to the future…similar to the first session—Anyone interested in GPE as an organization or who likes awards ceremonies 

Registration information:

You will need to register for this free event to access the sessions. You can do that by going to the conference webpage and clicking on the registration link at the bottom of the page. Once registered (marking Carpathian State College in Krosno as institution), you will receive by email a zoom link that will allow you to attend any of the sessions. Please feel free to share with others.