Erasmus students – 2019/20 winter semester

My Unforgettable Moments

Poland has been a European country since 2014. It is located east of Germany, north of Slovakia, and west of Russia, Lithuania and Belarus. Its form of government is the republic and its capital is Warsaw. In addition, the currency is Ziloty and their mother tongue is Polish. Its climate is as follows; in the summer it rains several days a week. June and July are the months when the air temperature is highest. In these months, the air temperature can reach up to 25 ° C. In winter, snowfall is seen between November and March, with intensity changing. In winter, the air temperature drops down to -5 ° C. The coldest regions of the country are the northern and eastern regions. Meat consumption is quite high in Poland. Beef, fish, pork are among the most consumed meat. Frozen foods are generally preferred. Vegetable types vary according to the climate. Besides, I want to talk about your special days. Christmas days are very important for them because that day means the birth of Jesus and everyone celebrates that day with their family. The second most important day is Easter for them. Cities that can be visited in Poland include Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin, Wroclaw, Poznan and Katowice. I researched all this information before I went to Krosno, the small city of Poland. Krosno is a very cute city like its people. You can fill your stomach with various restaurants in the square. It has a shopping center and many churches. There is green vegetation in Krosno. People are very respectful to each other and keep their environment clean, and they do their best to minimize the use of plastic to avoid environmental pollution. And the winter season is quite harsh. Our school days were fun and productive because our teachers were very understanding and good people, it was different to speak English when our mother tongue was different, they helped us without hesitation when we had a problem. In order to make us feel unfamiliar in the city, they organized a day at the school for Erasmus students, and in one lesson, everyone prepared their own food and tasted them together so that everyone embraced each other and created a warm atmosphere. Besides, if I need to talk about my dorm diaries; my dorm was very close to my school and I had no difficulty in transportation, we were preparing our meals in the kitchen in the dormitory so I did not have a hard time for eating. Our rooms were for two people and everyone on my floor was an Erasmus student like me. I made Spanish friends, it was so nice to chat that Turkish and Spanish people would even sit and chat in the kitchen some evening, which would discharge us. Thanks to the Polish students staying on our upper floor, we also made new friends. We even went to the city of Rzeszow, which is 1 hour away from Krosno to do a different activity with my friends, we spent 1 day there and we liked the city of Rzeszow. Poland is a pleasant city that everyone should see. This journey has taught me a lot and made very good friendships. I really feel very lucky to have such an opportunity. Seeing different cultures, getting to know people of different races and having the opportunity to improve my language has led to differences in my life and made me grow. It was a huge adventure with full of beauty.

Nisa Ateş


I have always wanted to go on Erasmus and get to know other countries and cultures. Since I was a little, I knew I was going to travel a lot and see the world. That’s why I made the decision of going on Erasmus, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve been able to make in my life. The truth is that I don’t know why I chose Poland as a destination; you could say that Krosno chose me. And the truth is that I am very happy to have come here. I have always liked small, quiet towns, like Krosno. I was never bored, I always had things to do, both here and in the nearby towns. I also took advantage of the weekends to travel and get to know Poland a little better.I had already been to Poland some years before and the impression I had, both of the country and of the people, was very good. I loved its culture, gastronomy and way of life. And now, after living here for five months, my opinion and point of view is much better.My Erasmus experience is over, but I’m sure I’ll be back. I have met amazing people and I have also learned some of the language. I am very grateful that I made the decision to leave Erasmus and that I had the opportunity to meet and learn a lot.Also, I would like to highlight that I have felt very comfortable at the university, both the teachers and my classmates, they have all been very kind and have helped me always, so I have never felt like a stranger.I’m a little sad because all this is over, but at the same time I’m happy to have lived this experience in such a great country as Poland.

Thank you for everything!

Maria Orta Tapia.


Hi. My name is Baturalp Cimcim. I’m from Turkey and ı’m 21 years old. My department is Englısh Language and Lİterature. I have made Erasmus in Krosno State Collage. If you have opportunity to make Erasmus,ı recommend Krosno. In terms of financially, it is a cheap place and as a location, it’s very close to most European countries like Slovakia, Hungary,Czech Republic etc. I went to 7 country and it was big experience. Krosno also has a wonderful nature and people. They are very helpful and friendly. Winter in Krosno a bit difficult and tough. Despite the could wether, helpfulness of the people here warms you. I am very happy that ı stayed here and made Erasmus.

Baturalt Cimcin