A “missing stanza” competition

3rd year students of our department are pleased to make a small contribution to the newly opened literary corner. In one of their American Literature classes they tried their hand at adding a “missing” stanza to a poem by Nikki Giovanni. The winners’ stanzas are colour coded.

Nikki Giovanni (1943 -)


Some people forget that love is
tucking you in and kissing you
‘Good night’
no matter how young or old you are
Some people don’t remember that
love is
listening and laughing and asking

        1st place Justyna Warchoł
Some people don’t know that
love is
childish things that make you
no matter how mature you think you are.

         2nd place Paulina Szot
Some people fail to remember that
love is
the feeling of comfort
at darkest of times
no matter how many years you have left behind
Some people cannot recognize that
love is
crying and smiling and losing your mind
while being conscious
no matter how many winters have you lived.

          3rd place Piotr Bochenek
Some people leave behind the fact that
love is
the most important element in every person’s life
no matter how old you get or how much have you seen.
Some people don’t recognize that love is
something more than a little bird flying over a cornfield
no matter what generation you are.

         3rd place Aleksandra Brzana
Some people cannot recall that
love is
admiration of your every move
and smile on my face when you smile too
no matter how many seasons you lived through

no matter what your age
Few recognize that love is
commitment, responsibility
no fun at all

Love is
You and me